What am I going to do this summer?!

Apart from having to adjust to the massive workload and fast-pace of med school one of the hurdles of the first year is figuring out what to do for your first-and only- summer off. Sometime around November, students start scrambling to figure out summer plans. The most ambitious apply for NIH funding to work in big-name research lab doing bench science (basically pipetting [moving around] colored water from tube to tube and making up reasons for why their results don’t match their predictions). Some other options are going abroad and working at a clinic usually in a developing country. Neither of these options appeal to me.


I’ve given my summer plans some thought and I think my ideal experience would be staying in New York, doing clinical research or working for an organization that is doing work I care about – something with a focus on health disparities. I’ll need some sort of stipend so I can pay my rent, and would prefer not to be in an office staring a computer screen all day. I’ll keep you posted on how things pan out in the next few months.



I would also love to do a little personal traveling at some point in the summer. I’m in the market for a travel buddy! Touch base with me if a summer trip sounds good 🙂